Faith Ralston, Executive Coach

Essential Team Talents

Faith Ralston describes the 4 talents every team needs to succeed. 

Take the Talent Assessment and discover your  talents!

Talent Assessment

Discover Your Talents

Do you know your top talents? Are you doing what you do best?

The Talent Assessment helps you to

  • Discover your top talents
  • Leverage your talent strengths
  • Align your talents with business needs
  • Compensate for missing talents

The Talent Assessment takes approximately 5 – 7 minute to complete. You can view your results immediately and receive a comprehensive 25 page report. 

You'll receive:

1. Individual Talent Report - 25 pages
2. 360 feedback on your talents 

3. Action plan to leverage your talents

Individual Talent Profile

Individual Talent Profile

Team Report

Discover Team Talents

Are individuals on your team working well together? Do team members rely on each other's talents? Take the Talent Assessment and learn the talents of everyone on your team.

The Team Report helps team members to:

  1. Identify the talents of everyone on the team 
  2. Use the right  mix of talents to achieve your goals
  3. Leverage team talents for optimum results
  4. Compensate for missing talents 


$99.95 for Individual and Team Profiles

$79.95 for Individual Profile

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